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The “GATES” Workshop

Behind my Flooreio practice is GATES, a system of learning movement & improvisation dedicated to people with little or no dance background. It aims at bridging the worlds of movement, dance, mobility and strength training.

The GATES method aims at providing a structured way to learn different movement patterns, deconstructing everything and structuring it around the concept of gates, anchored positions that a mover can use to improvise. The end goal of the GATES method is to develop aesthetics in movement and heal the body in motion.

Offering an alternative to experimental ways of learning that rely more on intuition, GATES bases its approach on structured patterns designed to ingrain movements at a tacit level of knowledge. It also places a huge emphasis on joint prehabilitation, body awareness, and as whole, sustainability in the physical pratice.

Times & Places

The GATES Workshop is a 7-hour experience during which participants are exposed to the models and concepts that I have developed and used to fast track progress in the learning of my students and prepare their bodies to the demands of Floorwork.

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Handstand workshops are being organised on a regular basis in different locations in Ireland as well as in Paris.

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