What is it?

A movement and floorwork retreat on the West Coast of Ireland, 15 – 18th November 2018.

Join us in our secluded retreat center in Lisdoovarna, near Doolin, Ireland, for a intensive weekend of floorwork and movement classes!

In a nutshell:

20 hours of intensive floorwork-specialised workshops to deepen your practice with  different teachers and perspectives.

Research, meditation, self-practice and body treatment time to take care of your body and mind.

 Organic vegetarian food grown onsite, cooked by chefs, with options for every dietary requirement.

 A privileged secluded location only a few minutes away from the Atlantic ocean.

 Quiet environment, nature times and social times to unwind and relax in a friendly atmosphere.

Floorwork masterclasses

This unique retreat will dive into the details of floorwork.

Aimed at every person with an interest in floorwork, from modern dancers to people from the movement culture through pole dancers, yogis, aerialists and martial artists, these three days will include both technical, skill-oriented classes and exploration, improvisation-oriented, sessions.

Soon will be published a brief description of all the workshops you will have access to. Watch this space!

Workshop #1 – Meaning in Motion

What is the common denominator between top athletes’ mental cueing and dancers?

How can technique be influenced, impacted or enhanced by what we set to embody?

In this first workshop, we will look at the way motion conveys meaning. – Are we aware, are we not? – What is “intent” in movement? – How can it allow us to subtly alter the shapes and qualities of our bodies, to have a greater visual impact.
Let’s dive into the realm of flavouring and see how important it is in both an artistic aspect and to help us achieve complex / risky moves like acrobatics.

Workshop #2 – Finding Flow Acrobatics: Supports and Breakfalling with Nil Teisner

This 3 hour Workshop will be an introduction into supporting techniques like Macaco, Au de frente, etc.. The participants will build an understanding of how to use their supporting arm in a way, that weight can be transferred safely and effiiciently over it. This understanding will allow the participants to later on use the support for various skills. Also, we will take a closer look into rolling, transferring momentum in a save way into the floor and connecting with the floor in an efficient way. Both skills, the supporting and the breakfalling can then be used to have a play with endless possibilities.

Workshop #3 – Shoulder Rollin ‘ with Katherine White

Shoulder rolls and transitions are an untapped tool in the vocabulary of many movers.  This workshop dives into both the core technique required to master the structure fundamentals and then expands to cover variations of entry, exit, level changing and momentum.  You will walk (roll) away with both the flawless basics to incorporate into your own movement, and also the framework to explore, develop and invent infinite variations and combinations.

Workshop #4 – Sharing Space with Julien Porzadny

In movement training, we often learn techniques as an isolated individual. However we spend most of our time within the vicinity of other movers, crossing the floor in duos or trios and even performing sequences in groups. And yet, we do this by always keeping a certain distance from one another. What happens if this gap becomes territory for investigation? In this workshop we will explore the interaction between our dance, the floor and each other. We will first play within the boundaries of our kinesphere to slowly open our awareness to the room and to each other’s space. Noticing, witnessing, inviting contact, sharing weight and supporting each other will be used to make sense of our dance within a group environment.

Workshop #5: Segment Like Butter with Katherine White

Articulation and segmentation are the secret flow weapon of some of the best floorworkers and movers – however, for much of us, sequenced movement of our limbs and body is something we don’t know how to do, or where to start, and we tend to move all of our body in the same direction at the same time.  As such, the first section of the workshop is to ‘wake up’ your joint, muscle and limb range of movement isolation, and we then take to the floor to apply the theory your current movement vocabulary.  Not only will your joints, muscles and body feel more supple, smooth and mobile in your floorwork, your flow will melt into buttery goodness as you start to sequence and isolate to make your aesthetics really pop.

Workshop #6: Decyphering Impression with Vincent Vis

Freezing, arching, sliding, extending… Looking at different movements from different disciplines, we will research what makes a mover stand out from another, and identify the overlapping patterns that we can apply ourselves to enhance our own movement vocabulary.
We will pay specific attention to the non support limbs in movement, what we let them do to hinder our motion, and how we could consciously harness them to find more ease in our movement or open more doors in our flows.

Secure your spot (deposit)

Body treatment

Seize the opportunity to treat your body and get rid of the niggles in between workshops by booking a private session with our therapist on-site.

Self practice

Dance like nobody is watching. We want you to be able to enjoy that beautiful floor and explore your own movement, whether it is to go over what has been seen during the workshops, to blow some steam off or to research on your own.

For that matter, we will have dedicated time slots at which you will be able to book your access to the Octagon room and practice by yourself!

Handstand Power Hours

Handbalacing is a patience game, and we rarely have time to make breakthrough in this practice for sheer lack of time. Because some handbalacing skills can open so many doors in our floorwork flows, we have decided to include hand balancing power sessions throughout the weekend to expose our nervous system on a regular basis to inversions and forster faster progress.

Details and bookings:

3 day passes (arrival on Thursday evening, departure on Sunday afternoon):

Standard: 590 euros

Deposit: 190 euros

Included in the price:

  • access to all workshops.
  • full board, organic vegetarian food cooked by chef (meat and fish options available).
  • standard accommodation (individual and en-suite rooms available for an extra).
  • shuttle to the retreat centre on Thursday eve and Sunday afternoon.
  • Access to the treatment room and self practice slots.

Limited spots. Please send an email at to request more information and secure your spot or ask for daily passes.

Since it’s my website, I’m talk at the first person.
I am the coordinator and main teacher of this exciting event.
I teach Floorwork classes in Dublin, merging elements from Contemporary dance, acrobatics from Capoeira and technique from the circus arts.
A great deal of my work consists in researching ways for people with little dance background to learn and explore movement patterns as quickly as possible, while promoting a mindful mindset that enables us with the knowledge to take care of our bodies in the long run – as an enquiry – something too often overlooked in the way we perceive physical activities.
Currently living in Munich and making a living out of teaching people how to engage in a joyful, fulfilling and long-lasting movement practice. One of his biggest passions is to explore the endless shapes and sizes of the physical. Doing so, he studied Sports Science in Munich, learned from the best in their field and spent hours researching using all kinds of sources of information. I look at movement in a very general way and get inspired from many disciplines – among others: Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Dance, Climbing, Parkour and other athletic fields.

The focus of his teachings is to find ways to make seemingly difficult movements accessible for all sorts of practitioners. When he teaches acrobatic-like elements to adults in my seminars, he makes sure to choose methods and modalities that allow understanding of each movement.

Katherine is a pole dance and floorwork instructor based in Ireland, highly regarded for her mesmerising liquidity, flexibility and expressiveness. Training for over a decade and teaching for most of that time, she has developed a style, syllabus and instruction technique that blends fluidity, movement and beautiful lines with simple, progressive cuing and choreography.

She gives each student the opportunity to infuse their natural flair and background into feel good dynamic floor flow that builds layers of complexity, easily adaptable for all skill levels and personal styles.

Julien has always enjoyed dancing, sharing his experience and improvising wherever possible. When he first encountered Contact Improvisation, he felt a natural connection with this form of movement. He believes that through playfulness, spontaneity and gentleness, dancers will encounter a way to connect deeply with their environment, their own experience and with others. As a yoga and mindfulness teacher Julien enjoys carrying the quality of presence onto the dance floor. This allows dancers to feel guided and supported while also being able to follow their intuition and creativity. For Julien, everyone is a dancer at heart and he finds great joy in helping anyone develop their own unique dance.

Terms and conditions:

  • For logistic reasons, once your spot is secured, it is transferable to an acquaintance of yours, or towards a future event, not refundable in any circumstance.
  • You are responsible for checking with your GP that you are physically fit and insured for the event.
  • The deposit is not refundable if you decide to cancel.
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