The Facebook Tribe is a forum where movers can exchange, ask for advice, help each other and share relevant information about their progress, organise training sessions, have access to exclusive content, etc.


The group is private, which means your videos are secure and nobody can share them.

As a member, you:

  • have access to all the cues and advice which has been given to every participant’s post, where you will find precious information to design your own training routine and overcome some of the roadblocks you may be facing.
  • can post at anytime a video of your progress to ask for advice and feedback from me.
  • receive written advice about what to change and improve in your movement.
  • get exclusive tutorials and videos every month.
  • get access to regular Q&As where I troubleshoot, in videos, the learning difficulties raised in the forum.

To access the Forum, purchase at least one Tutorial package, and go here.