GATES is a system of learning movement & improvisation dedicated to people with little or no dance background. It aims at bridging the worlds of movement, dance, mobility and strength training.

What: The GATES method aims at providing a structured way to learn different movement patterns, deconstructing everything and structuring it around the concept of gates, anchored positions that a mover can use to improvise. The end goal of the GATES method is to develop aesthetics in movement and heal the body in motion.

Method: Offering an alternative to experimental ways of learning that rely more on intuition, GATES bases its approach on structured patterns designed to ingrain movements at a tacit level of knowledge. It also places a huge emphasis on joint prehabilitation, body awareness, and as whole, sustainability in the physical pratice.


GATES classes are held at AM Fitness, Dublin’s Movement studio, every week. Drop ins are €15 and 10-class passes, €120.

Mixing capoeira & contemporary dance, they focus on two main topics : Floorwork and Acrobatics, addressing each week specific groups of movements or topic, such as rôlés, cartwheels, floor rolls, partner transitions, etc. This ensures the body structures are correctly prepared and the foundation patterns properly ingrained week after week, allowing the students to build complexity.


GATES full-day workshops are designed for the students who desire to deepen their movement practice. They are structured around modules and explore extensively the concept of GATES. Each module is dedicated to one of the main areas of the curriculum, covering several GATES, associated movements, technical details and the relevant prehab.

1to1 & Internships

One to one sessions are intensive 90-minute private/semi-private (on request) classes that focus on a couple of specific movements and address the student’s personal needs, mobility goals/limitations, style of movement, and movement goals. One to one sessions include:

a 20-min initial consultation is included in order to discuss the goals and all relevant details. This can also be done through email if requiered.
the 60/90-min coaching per se in our studio.
an assesment and homework in the form of videos, customized tutorials and/or email for the student to progress further after the session.