So you think you can land?


I was talking a few weeks ago about landing mechanics, showing from a bigger perspective how disconnected we are from our bodies. Today as promised, I’ll go over some concepts to satisfy the appetite of the knowledge-nerds in the audience.

Technique VS “Oh Shit” Moments

I am about to introduce you to the correct mechanics of landing on your feet after a jump. We will therefore consider landing in a context of longevity: what are the joints supposed to do, how and why, discarding the context of life, where alignment doesn’t exist 24/7, and where shit happens. As such, there is a growing school of thoughts that promotes “out of alignment” drills Read more

Tutorial: learning the Chapeu de Couro




Note:  CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE TO SEE THE VIDEO. Alternatively, you can watch the Youtube version of it here from a laptop.

The Chapeu de Couro is a beautiful move from the Capoeira universe that can be applied in a variety of contexts. It may be relevant for modern dancers, martial artists seeking to up their game à la Conor Mc Gregor, and all curious movers. Read more

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