Get Strong Through Movement

4-week Course - 2 classes per week - €12 only/class

Through an array of movement patterns & gymnastics strength training drill, improve strength and aesthetics.While you learn refined movement pattern, your body will build active mobility in your joint range of motion for a healthier, happier youImprove reflexes, coordination and spatial awareness, whether you practice another sport or not!
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  • Looking to build actionnable strength organically?

  • Interested in movement and its benefits?

  • Sick of doing the same boring stuff and not enjoying training?

  • Ready to take responsibility for your physicality?

  • Able to commit to Tuesday & Thursday midday / 5pm?

  • Living in Dublin & able to train in our Terenure Movement Studio?

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  • 10 Semi-Private sessions 100% individualized to suit any level and background. Whether you are a movement enthusiast, doing Crossfit or training martial arts, we have the expertise to make you stronger and more flexible in the fastest time.

  • One to One guidance for EVERYTHING, leaving NOTHING TO CHANCE

  • Remarkable Gain in Upper & Lower Body Strength (Straight & Bent arm).

  • Our Unique and expert style of teaching which gives you the control over your body to in ways you never thought possible as an adult

A 100% money back guarantee*

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