Learn Anywhere, Anytime

For the dedicated learners

Online coaching is the most comprehensive form of teaching I currently offer. Depending on your needs and dedication, you can opt for self help tutorials or bespoke coaching.

Combining the movements, concepts and research tools I present in classes, online courses and workshops, bespoke coaching is tailored to your needs and individualised to ensure maximal progress and compatibility with your circonstances.

A bespoke program

With Online coaching, you get your daily sessions planned for you every single week – from the warm-up to the cool down, with all sets, reps and video tutorials to isolate, sequence and improvise with floorwork. Here is how it works:


  • An initial assesment of your goals, background and training times.
  • A customized monthly program with weekly revisions  (4-week cycles proved to work very well) tailored to your capacities and time-constraints.
  • A weekly personnalised assesment of your progress with individualized video cues for you to boost your progress.
  • Exclusive video tutorials.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group to share with the community and access exclusive content.
  • Customized step-by-step videos anytime it’s requiered to guide you through each movement and drill in the programing.
  • A weekly Q&A call to clarify any doubt.
  • Your own private space on this very website.

Each session include warm-ups, prehab drills, isolation, sequences, improvisation exercises and concepts straight off my movement lab!


I upload before each session a bespoke program on your private page on my website.

You record yourself on specific drills at the end of each week and send me the footage.

I review the footage and give you feedback and adjust the following week’s program accordingly.

If a move or a combo doesn’t click, I shoot a specific video for you that will approach it through an angle that would suit you better.

Whenever needed, we can video call each other and talk about progress, programming and goals.

At the end of each month we assess the progress and define the priorities for the following cycle.


You get 3 comprehensive sessions programmed for your week, each of them including warm-ups, prehab, isolation, sequencing, improvisation drills and concepts.

4 weeks150 euros
8 weeks275 euros
12 weeks420 euros

Content of your coaching:

  • 3 sessions per week – 60 to 120 minutes of training each, that you can split in smaller sessions
  • Exclusive drills for movement, floorwork and handstands to maximise your progress
  • 10 or + video tutorials per week to teach you all the steps
  • bespoke, made-just-for-you videos to give you personalised feedback

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