What is it?

A movement and floorwork retreat in the heart of Wicklow, 5th – 8th July.

Join us in our secluded retreat center in Wicklow City for a full weekend of floorwork and movement classes!

In a nutshell:

18 hours of intensive floorwork-specialised workshops to deepen your practice with 3 different teachers and perspectives.

Guest lecturers to deepen our knowledge of the human body.

 Organic food grown onsite, cooked by a chef, with vegetarian and vegan options.

 A privileged semi secluded location close to nature and seaside.

 Quiet environment, nature times and social times to unwind and relax in a friendly atmosphere.

Floorwork masterclasses

This unique retreat will dive into the details of floorwork.

Aimed at every person with an interest in floorwork, from modern dancers to people from the movement culture through pole dancers, yogis, aerialists and martial artists, these three days will include both technical, skill-oriented classes and exploration, improvisation-oriented, sessions.

Soon will be published a brief description of all the workshops you will have access to. Watch this space!

Finding your Flow w/ Vincent 

This exploratory workshop will bridge the gap between repetitions and improvisation, and look at the latter through different angles – beside technique, what tools, concepts and mindsets can we use to find our own voice in floorwork, based on our current vocabulary? How can we tap into the body intuitive intelligence to move more gracefully and go past each teacher’s individual style? What approach should we use to embody the fact that fluency in floorwork is not so much about the amount of movement words you know, but how you can articulate your own terminology.

Efficiency in Motion w/ Vincent

Efficiency is key in floorwork, both in terms of fluidity and longevity in our practice. By casting the spotlight of our attention on a few key concepts designed to reduce the hesitation and smoothen our transitions while taking on board specific biomechanics concepts, we will see in more details how we affect our bodies as we move across the floor and in turn, how tuning in to the slightest changes in our bodies can dramatically improve our efficiency as movers.

In the moment w/ Julien Pozardny

In this workshop we will take a step out of the comfort of our dance routines. By experimenting with basic contact improvisation concepts such as giving/receiving weight, following our impulses and playing with our balance, we will make room for improvisation in our dance. Through play and curiosity we will ease into relying on our experience. Letting our body lead the way we will enjoy being surprised by our flow in the moment.

Paradigms w/ Vincent

This workshop will be dedicated to different, and sometimes overlooked, facets of the floorwork world, with the aim of enriching our understanding of Diversity in practice.

There are a plethora of interpretations in the realm of Floorwork.  As much as there is value in working in silos, exposure to carefully curated practices can benefit our own practice and dramatically boost our progress.

Inside the framework of floorwork, we will  borrow tools and qualities from Acrodancing (variety of speeds, accelerations, landing, explosivity), Movement Archery (expression, transitions, improvisation), Contemporary Dance (spirals, shift of planes) yoga (linearity, mindfulness, pausing) and martial arts (leg momentum, torques).

Twist and Torque w/ Katherine White

Explore twisted shapes and articulate your body to create movement and momentum from stillness. This workshop is designed to assist you understand how the nuances of positioning  can create the torque which fuels explosive movement and dynamics while still maintaining flow and fluidity.  Additionally, we will explore how mindfulness of shape transitions through twisted positions can add richness and depth to both the mover and audience’s experience.

Impact w/ Vincent

This workshop will be dedicated to floor acrobatics and the floorwork grammar principle I call Double Count Words. The idea here is to explore acrobatics, understand the progressions of the explosive movements we want to learn, but more importantly how and when to use the impactful vocabulary we possess to take advantage of it rather than get owned by it. This will lead us to talk about better phrased sentences, about rhythm and energy management, about visual impact and how it can happen wherever you find yourself in your journey towards acrobatics.


On top of the daily master classes, we have a couple of top-notch lectures planned. The goal is to empower you with knowledge to refine your movement practice and your understanding of your body, from breathing to joint biomechanics… in other words, how to make sure your body lasts over the years, how to understand pain, how to promote longevity, etc.

Guest lecturer:

  • Anthony Claffey, pain specialist and therapist.

Details and bookings:

Our 3 day passes are sold out!

1 day pass – 160 euros standard.

2 day pass – 260 euros standard.

Payment via bank transfer.

To ask more details / book your spot, please send an email at Vincent@amfitness.ie.


Vincent Vis

Floorwork teacher

Since it’s my website, I’m talk at the first person.
I am the coordinator and main teacher of this exciting event.
I teach Floorwork classes in Dublin, merging elements from Contemporary dance, acrobatics from Capoeira and technique from the circus arts.
A great deal of my work consists in researching ways for people with little dance background to learn and explore movement patterns as quickly as possible, while promoting a mindful mindset that enables us with the knowledge to take care of our bodies in the long run – as an enquiry – something too often overlooked in the way we perceive physical activities.


    Katherine White

    Floorwork teacher

    Details coming soon


      Julien Pozardny

      Contact Improvisation/MeditationTeacher

      Julien has always enjoyed dancing, sharing his experience and improvising wherever possible. When he first encountered Contact Improvisation, he felt a natural connection with this form of movement. He believes that through playfulness, spontaneity and gentleness, dancers will encounter a way to connect deeply with their environment, their own experience and with others. As a yoga and mindfulness teacher Julien enjoys carrying the quality of presence onto the dance floor. This allows dancers to feel guided and supported while also being able to follow their intuition and creativity. For Julien, everyone is a dancer at heart and he finds great joy in helping anyone develop their own unique dance.

        Terms and conditions:

        • For logistic reasons, once your spot is secured, it is transferable to an acquaintance of yours, or towards a future event, not refundable in any circumstance.
        • You are responsible for checking with your GP that you are physically fit and insured for the event.