Online coaching

Online Coaching is available to fast track your progress is available for both handstand and movement training. This form of training is designed for people who can commit to train at least two times a week and follow the program that I will have tailored to their needs.

Online Coaching is the most exclusive and comprehensive form of teaching I offer.


A comprehensive 100% customized course

Standard Online coaching includes:

An initial assesment of your goals, background and training times.

An initial assesment of your current abilities in the areas you desire to improve.

A customized monthly program with weekly revisions  (4-week cycles proved to work very well) tailored to your capacities and time-constraints.

A Weekly personnalised assesment of your progress with individualized video cues for you to boost your progress.

Access to a private Facebook Group to share with the community and access exclusive content.

Customized step-by-step videos anytime it’s requiered to guide you through each movement and drill in the programing.

A weekly Q&A call to clarify any doubt.

Your own private space on this very website.

Prices & terms

Online coaching is priced €40/week.

The starting minimum commitment is 4 weeks.


Joining the Online coaching program

Because I make a point at working with a handful of serious people only, spots are limited, and an intake form will be sent to you to be filled if I don’t already know you personally. I want to be sure we are a perfect fit for each other so that you can get the maximal value out of it!

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