Online coaching that kicks ass

If you are:

  • Looking for in-depth, personalised training to get better at floorwork, locomotion, acrobatics and handbalancing.
  • Willing to receive customised videos tailored to your needs and goals every week, with ongoing conversation and feedback every session - with me at every step of your learning.
  • Ready to dedicate at least 2 hours of training per week.


Then Online 1to1 Coaching is for you.


The results to expect

I offer a lot of affordable and free advice out there. You can go on my Youtube channel, stalk me on Instagram, buy one of the 6-week self help courses or access the Tutorial Library...

And, quite humbly, they are GREAT, and give you a fair idea of how structured and detailed my teaching is.


But some serious students want to take their floorwork game to the next level, and hire my eyes to scrutinise your progress, week after week, to fast track their evolution as a mover - as if I were with them to coach them for every training session.

Here is a snippet of what Online Coaching entails with me:

An initial assesment of your goals, background and training times.

An initial assesment of your current abilities in the areas you desire to improve.

A customized weekly program tailored to your capacities and time-constraints, including exclusive video tutorials for warm up, prehab, isolation, integration, sequencing, improvisation and research.

Access to a private Facebook Group to share with the community and access exclusive content.

Customized step-by-step videos anytime it’s requiered to guide you through each movement and drill in the programing.

Constant back and forth whenever you have any question or doubt through WhatsApp, Skype or Messenger.

Your own private space on this very website.

OBVIOUSLY, I couldn't  offer this level of details to dozens of students at the same time without sacrificing quality. That's why spots are super limited. Check out below the number of spots currently available - if none, drop me a message to be the next on the waiting list.

Spots Currently Available

Here is an example to give you an idea of how in-depth this process is (yea forget about this other chap who sends the same fucking program to every student for an arm and a leg).

Enters Z.

Z is a student of mine who reaches out expressing their desire to get better at movement and handbalancing.

They like to talk through  , but it could be through , or , or whatever you prefer really.


We chatted a bit by email to figure out:

- her exact goals

- the times and days she could train, so that the program can be uploaded on time for each session

- and I sent a assessment video to see where she was at and start designing her bespoke program.


From there I could design the first session, with a clear idea of their time and space constraints. I sent them their private webpage with a module detailing reps, sets, rest, but also talking about the nitty gritty of each drill - to make the training smart and teach them the science behind handstands and floorwork.

They sent back videos of their attempts at some of the drills...


And I used that to:

  • Plan the next sessions accordingly.
  • Record personalised feedback videos to help them overcome some of the obstacles I was noticing.
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It's called coaching because we get to know each other, to talk, to adjust and to orient your training sessions according to your schedule, goals, and desires.

If you are interested in working 1 to 1 online with me, book here (last spots at that price):

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