Learn Online

You guessed - I teach everything floorwork, bodyweight strength and handbalancing related online.

There are different ways to learn with me:



What you're looking for
What you need
What you get
Some inspiration for my training
The lab
floorwork and handstand tutorials uploaded every week
a full course to work on for 8+ weeks to step up my game and dive into the "Grammar" of floorwork
Self help packages (floorwork foundations, qdr courses, etc.)
a self sufficient program organised in 6 modules with 50 + video tutorials and an accompanying pdf to understand the concepts + access to private fb group for feedback.
a teacher to design my training session and help me achieve my goals
1-to-1 online kick ass coaching
my personal attention, designing your programs and answering your queries - my guarantee to progress.
The Lab
per month

Exclusive step by step videos

Facebook closed group for feedback

Companion pdfs

Personalised golden content
The Self Help Packages
Per Package

50 + videos tutorial per package

Warm-up, Prehab

Isolation, Integration, Sequencing, Improv

Research drills

Companion pdf

Facebook closed group for feedback 

Regular updates included

Bespoke video tutorials
Customised programming
Customised, weekly video feedback
Individual assessment
The Mentee
Top notch coaching
Per Month
3 personalised sessions per week
Program tailored to your goals
Warm-ups, Prehab
Isolation, Integration, Sequencing
Improvisation, Research, Exploration

Constant communication for feedback

Bespoke video tutorials
Customised programming 
Customised, weekly video feedback
Individual assessment
Q&A through WhatsApp and Skype
WhatsApp chat