In this blooming universe of movers, there is one thing that often completely disregared: Context. Context is what separates a linear lizard crawl from a flow. A new-age half-ass mover from a dancer or an artist. Routines from Self expression. Don’t settle for the linear, isolated trick you just learnt. They weren’t meant to be used in such an empoverished context in the first place. Integrate them in your own practice, adding whatever hues you want.

Catch this: It is one thing to know how to perform a movement. It’s another to be able to connect it with the rest of your usable movement terminology, in a fluid and smooth way. And yet another to recover from “failures”, as uncle Tom Weksler puts it, and to adapt what you have in mind to the environment you find yourself in(surrounding walls, music, hard floor vs soft floor, mindset, etc.) and the partner(s) you might be moving with.

Perfect what you learn, expose it to real world situations, and embrace the fact that applying what you learnt in the real world ain’t probably going to be perfect.

That, to me, is the end goal. Routines, series of amazing power moves, or perfectly-executed moves in a mistake-proof incubator are not.


SYG (Step-up Your Game) drill #1: the Punching Bag