Conditioning the shoulders – your best investment if you’re into Floorwork

It is easy to underestimate the stress from a given physical activity basing our judgment on random criteria such as the amount of sweat it generated or the sound it makes.


Yet even seemingly soft practices such as Floorwork can generate tremendous amounts of stress on the body, especially the joints, and lead to injuries if unprepared.

And that is precisely the trap: by assuming from the looks of it that a practice is not stressful, we assume we are ready for it.

Floorwork provide ample opportunities for you to roll and compress your shoulders in every angle possible, and to challenge the strength of your scapula muscles if you have a more acrobatic style like we do in classes.

As my friend and body therapist Anthony Claffey likes to remind us:

People should work on their rotator cuff on a daily basis”.

These are simple and short exercises that you should do very regularly if you want to stay out of harm’s way as long as possible. Again, let me reiterate that Floorwork practice is more stressful than you may think, and chances are your body will not be prepared when you switch gears.

Let’s not try to repackage and reinvent the wheel here, something I abhor in this industry. Here are three very good sources of information on that topic: pick your drills, mix them and suck it up – your body will thank you.


Gymnastic Bodies (the drills you will find on Foundations 1 are excellent)

Ido’s scapula and ROM routines

Yuri’s routine – one updated version is available on Vimeo


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