For administration purposes, please fill in the following form before attending your first/next class:

We also count on you to have checked with your GP that you are indeed able for the demands of the classes.

It is so important. Really. Thanks 🙂


If you have to cancel 3 hours or more before a class, please log in on the app and take your name off the day you booked in, in order to free up the space.

If you have to cancel 3 hours or less before a class, please send me a text (00353 83 179 1118) or a Facebook message to let me know.

If a class has an attendance of 2 or fewer people on a given day, the said class may be cancelled, at the teacher’s discretion, no later than 2 hours before the starting time of the class. Attendees will be notified by text and/or phone call. In such rare instances, no refund can be claimed.


Booking through the Setmore website allows us to cap the numbers and organise the class better. The maximum number of attendees depends on the class topic and the location. If the maximum number of attendees has been reached, unnotified drop-ins may be refused in order to maintain the quality of the class. Nothing personal!