Morning routines


Morning routines are something everyone with definite goals should aim at developing for themselves. You will find a wide array of pre-conceived routines on the Web and even tools and apps that will help you commit to them. Such routines are in my opinion essential for all of us who struggle to fit our goals into our busy life. As it is very easy to get overwhelmed by emergencies (sometimes fictive emergencies) as the day passes by, one of the easiest things we can do is actually to achieve more in the morning Read more

How I went from 5 to 16h of training per week

I have literally always struggled with volume in my training, no matter the discipline and the trials and errors I have experienced at programming.

A few years ago I was meeting Ido Portal for the first time. Ido made a fairly good point at his seminar, which took me more time than expected to assimilate: Read more

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