Programming a Movement Practice: Should Vs Want

This is a long-term endeavour, a seed that needs to be watered on a regular basis to grow and blossom. With this enquiry, you will identify the drills, exercises, thought-process that you have to go through if you want to achieve your goals. You may realise, lucky you, that some of them superpose themselves with the things you wanted to do. More likely than not, however, there will be some items that “should be done” that you definitely don’t feel like doing.


Passive vs Active Movement Vocabulary

We should know that movement. We rehearsed enough to fully understand it.

So why on earth does it not come naturally when we are in creation mode? 

The answer lies in the distinction between active and passive vocabulary. 


Vocabulary in Floorwork: Quantity vs Quality

1) There are words, movements, that you should learn because they are so efficient, so usable in so many contexts, easy to remember and yet extremely efficient at enriching the texture of your sentences. These are what I call double count words. 

2) Grammar and Vocabulary are intrinsically linked. One would undoubtedly be unable to communicate relying only on grammatical rules. Learning one and the other in silos is an obsolete teaching method that belong to the schoolbooks that scared our childhood.

3) There is such a thing as a base working vocabulary list for any language, upon which you can start your mastery journey. It is ideally comprised of high frequency words, and will expose you to the most common patterns of that language. Learning that base vocabulary first will save you A LOT of time down the road.

Why hustling is wrong

Process save us from the poverty of our intentions… Quite profound, right?  I recently came across this quote from American…