QDR Series – STEP 2

The Queda de Rins (Elbow lever), or QDR, are a fantastic – and trendy – foundation which can unlock a wealth of other patterns and more complex moves around dynamic variations of the elbow lever.

This is the second blog of a series presenting tools and drills that will lead to the QDR circles.

The QDR Series (3)


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QDR Series – STEP 1

The Queda de Rins (Elbow lever), or QDR as popularized by Ido Portal, are a fantastic – and trendy – foundation which can unlock a wealth of other patterns and more complex moves around dynamic variations of the elbow lever. We will examine in a series of blogs the tools and drills that lead to the QDR circles.

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Conditioning the shoulders – your best investment if you’re into Floorwork

It is easy to underestimate the stress from a given physical activity basing our judgment on random criteria such as the amount of sweat it generated or the sound it makes.


Yet even seemingly soft practices such as Floorwork can generate tremendous amounts of stress on the body, especially the joints, and lead to injuries if unprepared.

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Aesthetics vs Health: the fitness horsesh*t you have been feeding yourself

My social media accounts have recently been flooded with fitness health figures from both genders advocating a healthy lifestyle. Get ripped, get tanned, be smiling, work hard, lift hard, drink protein shakes from such and such brands, be a natural vegan bodybuilder, move functionnally, etc.


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Conscious competency unconscious competency. 


Competence_Hierarchy_adapted_from_Noel_Burch_by_Igor_KokcharovIf you have ever been to one of my classes or workshops, chances are you heard me ranting about the distinction to make between knowing how to perform a movement and being able to flow – improvise – with that movement. Read more

A fitness introduction to the confirmation biais

1464986572900What the fuck you say? Please don’t be offended.

Chances are, you fall on either of the two categories below:
The 1st category smelled bullshit miles away when they saw that pic, and watched the video to know how bad it really was.

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Movement: a prostituted word

A few years ago, “movement” did not mean much. It had the few definitions one can find in the dictionary. When you heard or read the word “movement”, you would generally think about the general concept of moving just as well as movement in a physic class context.

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Doing sport is good for your health… Wait, what?

Ahem… So here’s one of the topics that sometimes raise controversy. And I’m all about nuance. Bear with me.


Everywhere for the past few years, I have seen exercise being related to health. And people going ballistics Read more

So you think you can land?


I was talking a few weeks ago about landing mechanics, showing from a bigger perspective how disconnected we are from our bodies. Today as promised, I’ll go over some concepts to satisfy the appetite of the knowledge-nerds in the audience.

Technique VS “Oh Shit” Moments

I am about to introduce you to the correct mechanics of landing on your feet after a jump. We will therefore consider landing in a context of longevity: what are the joints supposed to do, how and why, discarding the context of life, where alignment doesn’t exist 24/7, and where shit happens. As such, there is a growing school of thoughts that promotes “out of alignment” drills Read more

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