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I’m a Dancer Mover Teacher
Bonjour, I’M Vincent
I’m a Dancer Mover  
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My Journey
My journey

I could structure my philosophy into several key points:

·         Your body is unique. Go for the knowledge. Go to workshops. Work with others. Get inspired by others. But don’t settle for this. What works for him/her does not necessarily work for you. You are the own captain of your own boat. Educate yourself. Take everything with a grain of salt. My role is to make sure you will take care of this boat and that you use it to your full potential.

·         Listen to your needs. The more you move, the more in tune you will get with what’s happening inside. You don’t have to get spiritual about it. You will feel the need to move more, especially when you are stuck in a sofa, a car or at work. You will be more sensitive to your own needs. Your inner emotions. What makes you happy. THIS is the big picture. Short-term goals are good, but don’t settle for them.

·         Think sustainability. How sustainable is your practice? Am I willing to sacrifice joint health for the sake of reaching my goal quicker, or would I rather prepare them in a structured way so that your body becomes healthier and stronger and ready to face the stresses of life? Talented movers and dancers often forget about this. So do people who throw acrobatics on concrete without proper preparation. Then comes Darwin and, trust me, his ghost does not spare any of those who were not particularly gifted by the gene pool.

·         Think self-expression. At the end of the day, it’s all about play. About not caring how you look like, but feeling your whole body enjoying every bit of your movements. It will become incredibly liberating if you let it break through the layers of social conditioning. Dogs don’t care what you think of them when they play, and neither should you. People with more fitness-y background often forget about this. Sure you want to be able to do a round off. Now comes the time to ask yourself Why.



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Want to train online with me or to host a workshop near you?
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