Hi, I’m Vincent.

I am a movement teacher specialized in dance, acrobatics and handstands.

I believe that our bodies and brains have been designed to feed on movement complexity.

Neuroplasticity, muscular strength, joint resiliency, mobility, emotional and physical health – the nourishing potential of an intelligent body practice is unfathomable.

I found my own medicine in Flooreio, my own seasoned mixture of movement, contemporary dance, capoeira & handstands, as a way to build unprecedented levels of awareness in and control of our bodies, leading us to the realm of self-expression and its health benefits.

This work aims at creating the space for participants to reclaim freedom in their bodies and empowering them with the knowledge to maximise their progress in as little time as possible – whether their goals are to become a better mover, to improve their physicality or to be able to flow and improvise.