LEARNING ISn't about repetitions

You don't have time for that.

It's not about mimicking what people who have more time than you do to train and who have been in the industry longer that you do.


It's about knowing what to do, why you do it, how and when. 

It's about understanding what you need to do, and doing it right.


It's about avoiding shortcuts and finding catalysts.


It's about not making the mistakes everyone makes, and finding a clear, result-based roadmap to your goals.

It's about finding the best bang for buck drills that will yield the maximum results, not spending 2 years to learn your handstand through wishful thinking.

It's about understanding the grammar of movement, not taking dozens of dance class to have a modicum of grace on the floor.


Let me show you what movement deconstruction is about... 





How not to be an elephant on the floor

A crash course in floorwork that will teach you everything you need to know to start moving with ease on the floor and get rid of your bad habits - EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEVER TAKEN A MOVEMENT OR DANCE CLASS BEFORE...

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“It's very rare that you find a teacher who can teach you 100 different lessons from just a single technique. Vincent is one of those diamonds who strives to deepen his students' understanding and proficiency in movement beyond the typical mimic and mirror philosophies of many modern dance and movement coaches.”

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“With attention to detail & an ability to break down movements, Vincent manages to ’simplify complexity’. This is not only tremendously useful for learning the complex patterns of floorwork, but it has also helped me understand ’how I learn things’, which I can apply in anything I chose to emerge myself in. Watching a floorwork sequence or handbalancer can be daunting; but Vincent will quickly break things apart in a way that makes you realise it is very achievable. Just fucking do it!’”

Lara Afrazmanech

Online student

I stumbled across Vincent’s floorwork classes as I was desperately looking for a contemporary dance class that would actually decompose movement. I was sick of attending classes where I stared at teachers caressing the floor, in awe at the beauty of it but absolutely terrorized at the idea of having to reproduce something that sounded like a foreign language to me, as I hadn't been taught how to identify the underlying structure. Vincent’s classes were the holy grail! In the past year my fear of floorwork has completely vanished: I used to think my ability to memorize dance sequences was so poor, but I realized it’s not so bad with Vincent’s step-by-step method...

Vincent shares with us the full underlying grammar of floorwork: he makes us aware of where and why the body wants to move a certain way, showing us that everything we do is logical, we learn to feel the body weight transfers... This is invaluable knowledge, Vincent teaches us to be independent dancers, who can « move for themselves ». 


Filipa CL.

Contemporary Dancer - Teacher

Vincent is a very good pedagogue who knows how to dissect the exercises so that it can be accessible for everyone. His explanations are very clear. They go to the essential and ensure you remember the techniques and vocabulary, while giving you material to continue the work on your own.

"Learning more words doesn't make you fluent in a language... 

Stop wasting your time and start understanding the Grammar of Floorwork."



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